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Presented By:

Smith, FLP



P.E.T. Discoveries (PET or the Company) is a concept for a retail store that will focus on sales of petrified wood, dinosaur bones and other affordable artifacts.  Our store will satisfy an exploding “Discovery Channel/Jurassic Park” market.  We call it Eco-Adventure; an emerging market in the late nineties, now turned full-blown with shows “Survivor”, “Crocodile Hunter” and “Walking With The Dinosaurs”.  It is now hip to be adventurous, and along with it comes the merchandising.

Fortunately, PET has a unique connection with a wholesaler and source of the artifacts to be sold.  Because of a “factory direct” type connection for inventory, even a reasonable retail price will be, at minimum, 700% of cost.  In polished form, a $100 slab of petrified wood can fetch $1,500+ retail.  In raw form, the same wood could carry a price tag of $700+.

Our advantages over the competition include the concept, service, product and low cost of goods. Ancillary items such as rocks, fossils, meteorites, books, videos, jewelry, etc will round out the offerings.  The store will have a “Discovery” ambiance, with hands-on being the rule.  Also, daily rock grinding sessions free to the public.

This Financial Statement is provided to describe the plans set forth by the Principles involved.  PET wishes to raise funds, through a promissory note, to guarantee the projections described in this plan.


Objectives are set in a realistic, and start-small-first, manner.  The store will be humble, but not small; Emphasis will be on location and traffic exposure. 

In the long-term, PET anticipates growth in the form of creating additional stores and locations.


The management/ownership team consists of J. Smith and A. Jones.  Both have countless years of business ownership experience, local and abroad.  Each brings skills that are invaluable to the Company including sales, service and management.  Both will participate in day-to-day operations, as well as all other Company functions. 


For a retail store such as PET to be successful, a solid marketing plan is crucial. We have comprised a plan to focus on advertising and public relations.

 Our advertising campaign will include:

  • local newspapers

  • Internet

  • Coupon Mailers

  • Cable

  • Trade with other businesses

Local newspapers will consist of a mix of display and classified.

Our Internet site will sell items from the store, but more importantly, will aid in the access to our newsletter.  At no cost, we can have an email newsletter sent to all of our customers with information and advertising.  The root of this campaign will be the collection of emails from store patrons.

Coupon Mailers include card stacks and/or booklets mailed according to demographic/geographic groups.  Cost is reasonable for a targeted direct mail campaign.

The appeal of cable television advertising lies in the targeted nature of the ads (i.e.: Discovery Channel, Learning Channel) and cost. We are awaiting a rate quote and will be investigated in further detail. 

Trade with other businesses encompasses any flyers exchanged for display from non-competing companies.  Such trades can be very lucrative in a tourist area such as with a boat rental company, etc.

Public relations will be very important to achieving a high level of exposure with very little capital outlay.  PET will donate artifacts to schools and other family oriented institutions, as well as conduct free educational events.  Publicity will be in the form of radio, television and local print. 

PET is developing a field trip program to accommodate local-area elementary and pre-schools.  We want to present a comprehensive program that enlightens and educates.  Experience shows the benefits of such programs, far out-weigh the expense.

Other plans include partnering with a local, non-profit entity.   Primarily, we are seeking a complimentary institution with the intent to donate time, marketing and proceeds of revenue.   



Equipment needed for the store will include grinding/polishing tools, furniture, fixtures, signage and other retail related items.

The grinding and polishing tools are the most important of all the equipment.  As shown in the “Revenue Breakdown” attachment in this plan, the profit potential for polished items is substantial.  Also, these tools will be used to polish wood during store hours, adding to its appeal. 


We have compiled projections as to the viability of PET including two P&L scenarios, Revenue Breakdown and Use of Proceeds.  The numbers are quite promising based on conservative revenue projections. 

Successful start-up can be accomplished with less than $20,000.  The beginning capital will cover lease, equipment, renovations, inventory, etc. (see “Use of Proceeds” attached)

Profit and loss projections are shown in two separate scenarios: “Low-Ball” and “Anticipated”. 

The “Anticipated” scenario shows sales totals for the first year to be $155,000, or $425.00/day.  With an average sale of $30.00 (not including items offered in the higher range), the store needs only 14 customers per day.  These sales figures are quite attainable, given the demographics and demand for the product.

The “Low-Ball” scenario accounts for 50% of the “Anticipated” scenario.

Expenses will be kept to a minimum with no employees, low fixed overhead and a large mark-up potential.  (See “Projected P&L’s” and “Revenue Breakdown” attached)


The Principles of Petrified have conducted due diligence as to the viability of such a retail store.  To insure success, PET needs to raise funds for operational and capital expenditures.

Our plan to fund this operation involves a note for $20,000.  This note will be guaranteed by inventory and FF&E.  PET will provide a return of 12% (a.p.r.), paid monthly, with a $20,000 balloon payment due at term’s end.   


See our Services page for more on financial projections, offering memorandums, business plans, etc.





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