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Note from Real Business Plans - This copy of a family fun center business plan used for a real company that a colleague started.  This business plan attracted funding from investors, but was never brought to fruition.   The financial link at the bottom is only for sample P&L's from other plans; to complete your plan you will need more than a P&L.  Our free Financial Guide will give you more information.   Once you are at this stage, read up on the Offering Memorandum and Subscription Agreement which you  need to accept payment for shares from investors.  A business plan alone is not enough.

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Executive Summary

‘Glow Town’ (GLOW) is Fairfield County’s answer to family entertainment offering glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, video game arcade, soft-play area and food court. GLOW caters to all ages for birthday parties, corporate team-building, fund raising, dating couples and family outings. 

To make this endeavor a reality, money is needed to fund the project.  A total of $1,200,000 is required to guarantee success for the business.


 The concept, as described above, is that of family fun entertainment.  Along with miniature golf, arcade, soft-play and food court we offer hosted party packages and merchandise. 

 The layout is centered on the golf course, which is flanked by ‘fun zones’.  The primary theme is a glow-in-the-dark (GID) experience for the common areas and two 9-hole golf courses.  This is created with the use of black lights illuminating fluorescent and GID painted props and walls. 

 The golf course consists of 18 holes, divided into two 9-hole rounds.  Each course/round is accentuated with a different theme: One is prehistoric and the other an outer space theme.  Pricing is $7.00 per round and the average birthday party at $250.00.  To excel in the service aspect of the family fun experience, throughout the course ‘Rangers’ help with starting and interact with the guests.  The Rangers are also responsible for hosting the birthday parties, teambuilding events, greeting and cashiering.

The arcade room consists of 20 to 30 machines, ranging in cost from $.50 to $4.00 per game.  Due to the elaborate technology involved in these games, a ‘profit sharing’ lease is the industry standard.  The traditional agreement consists of a ‘profit share’ rather than a monthly lease.  GLOW retains 50% of all game revenue while incurring none of the repair/service costs.

 The food court offers pizza and other fast-food items including an ice creamery.  The food court will have its own ‘50’s style theme both in décor and music.  Layout will be similar to what is found in a mall setting with counter service rather than full wait staff.

 The soft-play area is geared towards younger children and will consist of a full tunnel and slide unit, separated from the common areas.  This is a great place for younger children to run, play and have fun in a secure area.  

Birthday parties last 2 hours and are hosted by the course Rangers.  The Ranger is with the group for their play on the course and time spent in the party room. Options for the birthday packages are: pizza, soda, games, golf, goodie bags and cake.  Food will be supplied through the in-house food court.  Birthday parties are a very lucrative profit center of the operation with rates ranging from $15.00 to $25.00 per child. 

 Corporate parties are conducted as tournaments, geared to the more mature clientele.  Teambuilding holes, catered food and beverages are the standards for such events.  These parties generally net an average of $800.

 Retail merchandise consists of a variety of GID products, as well as other unique family fun items.  These items include lava lamps, thunder lights, private labeled apparel, candy and goodie bags.  Merchandise sales easily constitute 10% of GLOW’s gross sales.

 The internships will be made available to both high school and college students.  They will experience operational and managerial positions, all with the intent of education not obtainable in school.  Qualifications will be based on desire and grades.

 The school fundraiser program will allow for student participation to raise money for trips, events, etc.  It is called the ‘Glow-a-Thon’ and involves students procuring sponsors for a marathon putting tournament.  Family and friends pledge a dollar amount towards each hole completed by the student.  Students have two hours to complete as many holes as possible.  Teachers and parents will run the tournament and GLOW will offer the facility at no charge.  This is a great way to raise funds as an alternative to selling products (candy, gift wrapping, etc.).


 The specific location is currently under investigation.  Studies have shown a large demand in the southern Connecticut region.  Stamford shows great promise with its demographics and ease of travel from surrounding communities via both Interstate and rail.  The target market includes Greenwich, Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton and northeastern Westchester County in New York.

 Prime locations are stand-alone, or in a mall with direct proximity to major retail/entertainment venues.  Specifically, proximity to a Cineplex, shopping center or non-competing entertainment venues provides the best opportunity for walk-in customers. 

 Two entertainment venues and retail antique outlets surround a location under consideration.  The facility, located in Stamford, is south of Interstate 95 with ample parking and 15,000 sqft. 


 Currently there is a void of family entertainment in southern Connecticut.

 Direct competition includes family entertainment venues in the Stamford area.   Currently, there is a climbing center and paintball facility, but no family fun centers.  Norwalk does have a small fun center that offers laser tag, parties and arcade games. 

Within a 30-minute drive from Stamford, there is only one major competitor: New Roc City in New Rochelle, NY.   New Roc houses arcade games, bowling, billiards, go-carts, ice-skating, movies and miniature golf.  This competitor proves the validity of the demand.  New Roc does extremely well due to the lack of competition and their proximity to the Bronx and Westchester towns.  New Roc is not a direct competitor, yet southern Connecticut is part of its market.  Connecticut residents do frequent New Roc City, thus proving the demand for a local family fun center. 



Marketing and advertising for GLOW is as diverse as the target market itself.  What follows is a chart listing the different marketing/advertising actions based on each targeted group:


Marketing/Advertising Actions & Programs



Direct mail, community involvement and cold calls.



Direct mail, community involvement and cold calls.


Summer Camps

Trade shows, chamber involvement and direct mail.


Sports Teams

Direct mail and cold calls.


Community Organizations

Direct mail, community involvement and cold calls.



Direct mail, chamber & community involvement and cold calls.



Direct mail, chamber & community involvement and cold calls.


Individuals                                (English speaking)

Print ads, flyers, community involvement and coupons.


Individuals                    (non-English speaking)

Language-specific print ads, flyers, posters and coupons.


As shown above, direct mail and community involvement play a prominent role in the marketing of GLOW. These ‘group’ markets are very lucrative, but require aggressive attention. 

The individual (walk-in) market is reached through print ads, physical exposure and word-of-mouth.  Advertising in newspapers and local targeted publications such as ‘Connecticut Family’ magazine and ‘The Town Planner’ calendar serve as the bulk of print ads. 

The most focused marketing activities center on customer retention and return sales.  An extensive customer database is key to follow-ups and targeted offerings.

Organization and Management

The organization of the company will be that of a Connecticut corporation.  Upon completion of the company’s funding, a governing Board of Directors will be assembled.  

 Current management in place consists of J Smith.  Smith acts as the General Manager.  His primary responsibilities are general and fiscal management.

 Mr. Smith’s background is based in many entrepreneurial endeavors.  Since 1993 he has owned and operated 3 restaurants, a cigar retail outlet, a resort property and a business-consulting firm. 

 In 2003 his firm was hired to open and manage the Glow Zone family entertainment center.  The Glow Zone is a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course.  He supervised all of the pre and post-opening activities including construction, marketing, inventory, human resources, training and daily management.  His direct knowledge with this style of operation is irreplaceable.

  All other management and line employee positions will be explored closer to the businesses opening.  Day-to-day management positions will include an F&B Director, Course Manager, Sales Manager, Assistant Managers, Shift Managers and Rangers.

 Financial Objectives

 Financial objectives are detailed at the end of the plan, including a 1-year P&L, a 5-year P&L and a Use of Proceeds Statement.  Projections are derived from first-hand experience with ongoing outlets in Glow Zone, and show reasonable goals that insure ample charitable contributions.

Condensed 5-year P&L


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5



















  Cost of Goods












Gross Revenue
























Net Revenue*

 $     201,294

 $ 261,194

 $     321,247

 $      389,686

 $     460,547

*(Before interest, depreciation and taxes) 

Condensed Use of Proceeds Statement



Design & Planning


 $     25,000

Course & Soft-play Areas


 $   410,000

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment


 $   202,700

Common area & Food Court Construction


 $   180,000

HVAC System


 $     45,000

Merchandise & Food Inventory


 $     11,000

Pre-Opening Marketing and Advertising


 $      8,300

Electrical & Lighting


 $     25,000


Pre-Opening Lease and Utilities


 $     53,000

Legal, Taxes, Fees & Deposits


 $     60,000


Operating Capital


 $   180,000






Contact Information

J Smith, 000-000-0000


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