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We help you with the 'ins and 'outs of starting your business.

Lately, the small business trend has been in restaurants and daycares.  Don't ask why, it is where most of our traffic is going.  Among our free business plans, we provide a pizza business plan and a daycare business plan to read, copy and paste.  One of our online partners, Palo Alto, offers a great business plan software package to help you out. 

Also, we have a tremendous amount of requests for a bylaws template.  We provide a great bylaws template that can be modified to fit any entity, including LLC's and Limited Partnerships. 

We have recently added financial projections for a restaurant.  This is the only complete set on our site.  For those who have never put together financial projections, these can give you a leg up. 

Are you looking to investors (friends, family) for funding? Maybe for all, or part of your new venture?  Don't forget about the Offering Memorandum.  This is one of the documents an investor must see before thinking about writing a check.  It properly describes everything  that is generally not covered in a business plan.  And when dealing with friends and family, it covers your ass by telling them the good, the bad, and the ugly. Basically it blends legalese and an in-depth description of the shares being offered to investors (how much they cost, how much they will be worth as soon as they buy them, how many shares the company will have outstanding after the offering, etc.).  And when they are ready to write a check, you better have a Subscription Agreement.  We offer a great Memorandum/Subscription package that will save you thousands!

We help you avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneurship. 



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Our offices are located in the NYC and Phila area and focus on businesses anywhere in the country.

We only thrive if you to succeed. Contact us and your Initial consultation/conversation is at no charge.
Our rates can be project-based, hourly or percentage of sales.



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